Randomized, Controlled Trial Comparing a Novel 10% Milk RUTF with the Standard 25% Milk RUTF in the Treatment of SAM in Rural Malawian children

Mark J. Manary, Heidi L. Sandige and Kenneth Maleta

Treating severely malnourished children with a 10 percent milk RUTF results in a lower rate of recovery and slower growth rates when compared to the standard 25 percent milk RUTF

In this trial, severely malnourished children were given either a reduced milk formulation of RUTF (10 percent milk) in which milk was replaced with soy protein, or the standard formulation of RUTF (25 percent milk). Children receiving 10 percent milk had a lower rate of recovery compared to those receiving the standard therapy (84 percent in the 25 percent milk group and 81 percent in the 10 percent milk group). Nonlinear regression modeling showed type of food to be a statistically significant term in rate of recovery. Overall, children who received the 10 percent milk formulation had slower rates of weight gain and slower MUAC gain.

This paper can be downloaded from the FANTA website

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