Tools have been developed by different organisations in different countries to help to monitor and evaluate progress in the management of malnutrition. Some of these tools are listed here and are downloadable.

Email us to tell us what you think of these tools, or if you have tools that you would like to share.

Inpatient management

Death review form (IMTF)

This form was developed to help hospital-based medical staff to identify any errors or omissions in care, or lack of supplies, that may have contributed to a child’s death so that these can be discussed by ward staff and problems identified and solved. The questions relate to common causes of preventable death in severe acute malnutrition.


Inpatient evaluation forms (IMTF)

These forms were developed to help hospital-based medical staff to evaluate the quality of care for severely acutely malnourished children. Included is a form to evaluate child records, a form to evaluate practices on the ward where malnourished children are treated, a form to review practices in casualty (OPD) and a table to summarise findings. All questions are organised in order of the WHO ’10 steps’ of routine care.


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