Malnutrition eLearning is effective for global capacity building

mele2A new research has been published in the Journal of Internet Medical Research by Sunhea Choi and colleagues.

The study tested whether the malnutrition eLearning course, developed by IMTF and University of Southampton, improves knowledge and skills of in-service and preservice health professionals in managing children with severe acute malnutrition and enables them to apply the gained knowledge and skills in patient care.

The study reported that the eLearning improved knowledge in both in-service and pre-service health professionals. “Of the in-service professionals, 85.9% (128/149) reported applying their knowledge by changing their clinical practice in screening, assessment, diagnosis, and management”. “Those who reported applying the knowledge gained, retained the knowledge more. Changes in the management of malnutrition were reported by trained participants, and institutional, operational, and policy changes were also found”.

Full access to the paper can be obtained through this link

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