Iron-containing micronutrient powder supplmentation increases haemoglobin concentrations but not the risk of infectious morbidity

In another randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, non-inferiority safety trial using a 2-mo course of daily iron Micronutrient Powder (MNP), or placebo powder (PP) conducted in 268 Bangladeshi children aged 12-24 mo with MAM (weight-for-age z score ≤ -2) and a hemoglobin concentration between 70 and 110 g/L, Lemaire and colleagues have reported that iron MNP is safe and efficacious when provided to children aged 12-24 mo with MAM.

Analysis of phase-aggregated DDL data showed that iron MNP was not inferior to PP (relative risk: 0.81; 95% CI: 0.62, 1.04) and improved hemoglobin concentrations (P < 0.0001).

Access the abstract through this link.

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