IMTF holds master class on management of severe malnutrition at NCA 2012

A Master class on “Training on management of severe acute malnutrition” was held by the IMTF and Faculty of Medicine University of Southampton at the just ended Nutrition Congress of Africa 2012 in Bloemfontein. The aim was to encourage commitment for integrating the malnutrition eLearning course into curricula for medical and nursing schools, towards strengthening capacity for scaling up nutrition in Africa.

The specific objectives of the class were to:

  1. Increase numbers of people accessing and using the malnutrition eLearning course
  2. Develop strategies for integration of the course into medical and nursing curricula
  3. Identify challenges and opportunities for integration
  4. Increase commitment for integration of malnutrition management into nutrition, medical and
    nursing programme curricula

About 40 participants, mainly nutritionists and dietitians attending the NCA in Bloemfontein took part in the master class facilitated by Prof Alan Jackson, Dr Reggie Annan, Dr Sunhea Choi and Mr Trevor Pickup.

During the class, Prof Jackson explained to participants the principles and thinking behind current guidelines for management of severe malnutrition and how treatment has evolved over the years. Other presentations were made to highlight why core competencies in malnutrition
management are needed among health professionals, and the activities engaged in by the IMTF, University of Southampton, and other collaborators to achieve this.

The IMTF and Faculty of Medicine University of Southampton’s eLearning course titled “Caring for infants and young children with severe acute malnutrition was demonstrated.

Through group discussions, participants explored challenges and opportunities for integrating the eLearning course into medical, nursing and nutrition curricula in Africa. They also suggested how integration can be achieved and their willingness to be part of this process.

Full report of the master class will be posted here very soon.

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