Cost analysis of community-based daily and weekly programs for treatment of moderate and mild wasting among children on Nias Island, Indonesia

two siblingsPurwestri RC, Scherbaum V, Inayati DA, Wirawan NN, Suryantan J, Bloem MA, Pangaribuan RV, Hoffmann V, Biesalski HK, Qaim M, Bellows AC.

To study analysed the cost of daily and weekly distribution and supervision of RUF-Nias biscuit programs. Institutional costs to the implementing organization were similar for both programs (approximately US $4 per child per day). The daily programs resulted in a significantly higher proportion of recovered children (78.6% vs. 65.4%) and higher weight gain (3.7 vs. 2.2 g/kg/day) than the weekly programs. About 6% to 7% of the total cost of the programs was accounted for by locally produced RUF-Nias biscuits. The social cost borne by the community for the weekly programs was about half that for the daily programs. Read more

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