IAEA-IMTF technical meeting 2013

imtflogo2Following the successful IAEA/IMTF meeting in Ghana in December 2012, IAEA/IMTF held a joint technical meeting on severe and moderate acute malnutrition in South-East Asia. The meeting was held on May 27-29th in Bangkok and the objectives were to:

  • Discuss current recommendations for treatment of SAM and recent initiatives, and share successful experiences
  • Share experiences, lessons learned from case studies on SAM in Asia and other parts of the world
  • Discuss the research agenda including the role of stable isotope methods to contribute key information to improve the management of SAM
  • Discuss capacity building issues related to the prevention of SAM and  improving its management, and explore how to join efforts to scale-up capacity building in the region

After the technical meeting, IMTF governors and focal points met and a Report is given below.

IMTF report of Governors’ meeting Thailand 2013

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