$776 million investment in nutrition by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Picture2The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announces new $776 million investment in nutrition to tackle child mortality and help all women and children survive and thrive.

Melinda Gates made the announcement in Brussels during European Development Days.

She said “Malnutrition is the underlying cause of nearly half of all under-5 child deaths,”. “Yet for too long the world has underinvested in nutrition. Today we see an opportunity to change that. Along with the Gates Foundation, many European donors are now prioritizing nutrition, which we believe will be one of the fundamental solutions to help cut child mortality in half by 2030.”

The investment will focus on these areas:
1. Reach women and children with solutions proven to improve nutrition, such as breastfeeding and food fortification, and expand research into innovative new approaches.

2. Help women and adolescent girls before they become pregnant, improving the likelihood they’ll have a safe pregnancy and a healthy, well-nourished child.

3. Improve food systems (in conjunction with the agriculture sector) to help ensure people have better access to safe, nutritious and affordable food year-round.

4. Catalyze a data revolution in nutrition to strengthen the evidence-base for action, inform decisions and track progress toward goals and commitments.

5. Focus work in India, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, where there is both a high burden of malnutrition and a significant opportunity to affect positive change.

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